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Not All Physical Therapists Are The Same

Don’t get frustrated because you’ve seen one, two or even three different physical therapists, and still have unresolved issues. The truth is, we’re not all the same. Each physical therapy practice is different, and unique, in the same way each individual is. The care you receive at a physical therapy practice is an extension of the culture of the doctors, caregivers, and the staff. So, be very careful in choosing who to see.

We pride ourselves in quality and commitment towards our patients. What sets us apart is our commitment to quality and reputation. We are known as the leading providers of physical therapy in our community and make every effort to uphold the highest standards in customer service. Our testimonials speak for themselves. We will provide you with personalized, individual care that you will not find in any other physical therapy facility, period.

We avoid running our practice like many others which are run like factories.

We take the time to develop treatments that will work for you. Physical therapy is not a “one-size fits all area of medicine”. The same treatment will not work for everyone so we customize our already “manicured treatment plans” based on your specific issues. We treat you the right way.

What You Should Avoid.

You want to avoid facilities with outdated equipment and therapists with little or no experience. This is detrimental to your recovery. Outdated equipment is of grave concern simply. In medicine, equipment is updated when newer equipment performs better or provide more accurate data, which overall is better for the patient.

Physical therapists with little or no experience have not fully achieved the level of knowledge and understanding needed to treat patients with advanced issues. And because of this, improper or incorrect care may be provided to the patient.