Getting you back to your best.

Do It Yourself Tips For a Pain-Free Life

Never push yourself beyond your own limit remember, each one of us has a certain limit. Always judge your limits, instinctively on a scale of 1 to 10.

1 is relaxing on a Saturday reading the newspaper. 5 is carrying groceries. 8 is carrying groceries and walking up the stairs at a fast pace. 10 is a maximum effort, where your heart races faster than before, and you are out of breath. As a general rule, never push yourself to beyond 6-7, especially if you have a prior injury or are recovering from an injury.

Remain Physically Active

You must keep your bones, muscles and joints in a constant state of motion. Never resign yourself to the couch, or think that ‘exercise is not for me”. The best way to fight pain and recover from injury is to stay active and maintain your fitness level. In fact, exercise can help you feel better emotionally. It also burns excess fat so your body is never slowed down due to unnecessary weight gain.

Stretch and strengthen your muscles at least twice a week

Make sure your muscles are properly stretched and strengthened under the supervision of your physical therapist. It is common for aches and sprains to occur, as a direct result of muscles that are tight (inflexible) or weak.